How to Safely Dispose of Damaged Batteries

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Sometimes, no matter how careful you are or how meticulously you store your spent batteries, they still end up getting damaged. It may be because a battery gets dropped when removing it from a forklift, or it could be because it gets bumped while stacked on a pallet in your warehouse. Or, you might have received a defective battery from … Read More

How to Prepare Your Batteries for Recycling

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One of the most common reasons project managers hang onto their spent batteries is because preparing them for recycling seems like a lot of trouble and work. They don’t feel confident navigating the maze of packaging and shipping requirements, so the batteries end up gathering dust in a warehouse. To help you safely and correctly prepare your batteries for recycling, … Read More

The Dangerous Problem with Foreign Battery Recycling

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Many recycling customers mistakenly assume that once they hand their spent batteries off to a recycler, the batteries are disposed of safely and correctly. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In recent years, some recyclers have started sending battery waste overseas to crude smelting facilities that don’t meet American environmental standards. This is causing extensive damage to humans and the … Read More

Battery Recycling Benefits: 5 Reasons to Recycle Your Batteries

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battery recycling benefits

Ask any waste management professional, environmental expert, or even your kindergartener and they’ll tell you: Recycling can benefit your community and the environment. Like other forms of recycling, battery recycling recovers harmful materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill and turns them into new products. As it turns out, there are many benefits to recycling your spent batteries … Read More

How to Ensure Your Batteries are Recycled Properly

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Your batteries have reached the end of their useful life. Now what? Recycling your batteries keeps dangerous chemicals out of landfills and protects the environment. Plus (and this is a big plus) recycling helps regain metals like cobalt, nickel, copper, and lithium — which can be reused to make new batteries and keep costs low.   On the flip side, tossing … Read More

Recycling Telecom Batteries

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Overcoming Challenges in Battery Recycling in Wireless, Telecom and Electrical Industries There are many challenges that a project manager can encounter when performing maintenance or installation on a wireless, communication or UPS battery system. These types of projects are often remote from a vendor’s location requiring the coordination of multiple entities on a strict timeline. Contractors are brought in from … Read More