What Every Mission-Critical Project Team Should Know About Recycling

Mission-critical project teams are no strangers to battery systems and technology. What’s less familiar is how to implement a battery recycling project that keeps the organization compliant while minimizing the impact on other mission-critical projects.

As with every project, the key to success is good planning. This article walks you through the most important points your mission-critical project team should consider when planning a battery recycling project and selecting the right recycling partner — from flexible scheduling to documentation and compliance assurance.

Mission-Critical Batteries for Mission-Critical Projects

When mission-critical project teams need to ensure consistent electrical power, batteries can reduce the risk of system failure by providing reliable energy storage and backup power.

Common types of mission-critical batteries include:

  • Uninterruptable power supply (UPS) batteries
  • Energy storage batteries
  • Telecom batteries
  • Forklift and industrial batteries

And beyond mission-critical infrastructure, utilities and project teams use batteries to power everyday devices, including:

  • Laptops
  • Cell phones and portable electronics
  • Digital cameras
  • Water meters

These batteries might be different chemistries and sizes, but they do have one thing in common: after their useful life, they must all be properly disposed of or recycled.

Recycling Batteries for Mission-Critical Projects

Batteries used in mission-critical projects must be taken to an appropriate disposal or recycling facility. Otherwise, your organization risks steep fines and reputational damage. As one example, retail giant Home Depot was ordered to pay over $27 million for illegally disposing of batteries and other hazardous waste.

The good news is that complying with battery recycling regulations doesn’t necessarily mean additional time and expense for your project team. In fact, it’s possible to not only get paid for your used batteries but to avoid the stress and headache altogether of managing proper battery disposal. All you need to do is work with a battery recycling team that offers flexible, onsite pickup.

The Value of Onsite Pickup for Mission-Critical Teams

While utilities and other mission-critical organizations do need to stay in compliance with battery recycling laws and regulations, they also need project teams to focus on the task at hand: keeping the lights on. Adding in the stress of proper battery disposal will only distract from that focus, which is why onsite battery pickup is so important for mission-critical teams. Onsite pickup is also a way to reduce project risk since the recycling company assumes responsibility for your batteries as soon as they’re loaded.

Mission-critical project teams need to work with battery recycling companies that can arrange onsite battery pickup on their clients’ schedules, not just at the organization’s location but at project sites, customer sites, and other critical locations. These recycling companies bring value by offering “white glove” service that includes:

  • Completing all forms, vetting processes, and security clearance procedures required by the organization
  • Options to assist in palletizing and prepping batteries for transport
  • Coordinating pickup at multiple sites
  • Transporting batteries to reputable recycling facilities
  • Providing an EPA certificate to document compliance with all federal, state, and local battery recycling laws

Navigating Corporate Requirements When Selecting a Recycling Partner

Each organization has its own process for selecting and working with third-party vendors and subcontractors. Downstream organizations face the additional challenge of complying with corporate requirements, some of which may involve policies about battery recycling practices and requirements for recycling partners.

When considering a battery recycling partner, project teams need to work with a recycler that can fulfill corporate requirements such as certifications, minimum time in business, levels of insurance, or the ability to document the recycling process. A battery recycling company should also be willing to navigate the corporate vetting process, which could involve submitting paperwork and providing details about the recycler’s experience and past clients.

Working With the Subcontractor Network

A mission-critical battery recycling project can involve not just one organization but an entire network of contractors and subcontractors, all of whom are part of the recycling project. Not only must a battery recycling partner be capable of scheduling pickups anywhere in the country, but it must also be willing to coordinate directly with subcontractors in unison if the battery recycling project is to run smoothly and on schedule.

Battery Pickup in the Right Place at the Right Time

Every mission-critical project team knows that timeliness is key to project success. Even small delays today can lead to major bottlenecks next week. And late arrivals increase project risk by tying up resources and costing more in crew overtime.

A full-service battery recycling partner can save you time and money, but only if battery pickup happens in the right place at the right time. The recycler you work with must understand that mission-critical project teams depend on contractors showing up and leaving exactly on time to ensure project success.

Choosing the Right Battery Recycling Partner

In conclusion, mission-critical project teams face unique challenges in recycling batteries, which may be spread across multiple locations. When planning a battery recycling project, the ideal recycling partner should:

  • Have a proven track record of working with other mission-critical organizations as well as reputable recycling facilities
  • Work with your team and organization to fulfill all requirements and expectations of external contractors
  • Provide flexible scheduling and on-time pickup of your batteries, including in remote or restricted locations
  • Be willing and able to coordinate with your other subcontractors in unison to ensure that your battery recycling project is completed on time
  • Offer competitive market prices for your batteries and official documentation of the recycling project as proof of your compliance

It’s not an easy role to fill, but the good news is that Battery Recyclers of America has been supporting mission-critical backup power projects since the company was started in 2009. We offer a unique understanding of how mission-critical projects are run and can take care of everything in your battery recycling project, from planning pickup logistics to working directly with your subcontractors so that your project team can focus on more important things.

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