Recycling Telecom Batteries

Overcoming Challenges in Battery Recycling in Wireless, Telecom and Electrical Industries

There are many challenges that a project manager can encounter when performing maintenance or installation on a wireless, communication or UPS battery system. These types of projects are often remote from a vendor’s location requiring the coordination of multiple entities on a strict timeline. Contractors are brought in from out of town and deliveries are arriving daily from various vendors. Coordinating and executing these projects on time and within budget is no small task.  Battery Recyclers of America (BRoA) is specially equipped to handle these types of recycling disposals with efficiency and ease. Here are a few ways that Battery Recyclers of America accomplishes this.

Downstream Transparency

Battery maintenance projects or UPS decommissioning projects often require full downstream transparency. The large telecom and cable vendors want to know that they are indemnified and released from any recycling liability. Battery Recyclers of America is familiar with navigating these waters and is able to provide this level of transparency to the parties involved.  This assures all parties that materials are being recycled ethically and legally in the United States under the governance of the EPA.

How to Package and Ship

Different types of spent batteries and spent electrical equipment require specific packaging and transportation methods. The Department of Transportation adheres to strict guidelines concerning how to safely transport these different types of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Battery Recyclers of America often provides expert level advisement in the proper preparation and packaging of these types of spent materials. BRoA also provides and is responsible for all shipping documentation that will be required for the shipment as well as the sourcing of the appropriate transporter.

On Site Service

One of the primary challenges with battery projects in the telecommunications and backup power industries is the coordination of an onsite pick up. As mentioned previously, these types of projects may have a remote project manager who is managing multiple deliveries of new product as well as the coordination of the onsite facility manager with the remote engineers or technicians who are flying in to complete the work. It is truly an orchestration of multiple parties.  The worst thing that can happen to these types of projects is unexpected delays that slow down all subsequent steps of the project completion. It can be a problem if the scrap materials are still waiting to be retrieved when the time comes for the battery and UPS recycling. Battery Recyclers of America is experienced and precise at executing these time critical pickups.  Transportation and logistics solutions are in place in all 50 states and time critical pickups are routinely accomplished. Even the most difficult pickup scenarios are met with success and timely execution.

Multiple Remote Site Program

Another scenario that many electrical contractors may encounter is battery maintenance and change-out at remote power/cellular sheds.  Often times there are multiple utility sheds in a region or state that may be needing battery change-out or decommissioning.  These sites can be limited access and oftentimes have no address other than a single point of latitude and longitude.  Again, these types of projects have specific timelines and battery disposals have to take place on schedule and on-time, despite their difficulty of access. BRoA has completed many regional projects like this by deploying the appropriate transportation solution to pick up at many remote sites over a period of time.

Additionally, BRoA has generated roll up reporting for the client that details out what was recycled at each location and at what volume and at what address. This is helpful for the client to close out a complex and long maintenance or change out process.

Recycling Documentation

One of the most requested features in a recycling scenario is appropriate end of life documentation. Fortune 500 clients and other responsible businesses want documentation from the recycling entity that the materials they recycled were disposed of in accordance with state, federal and EPA regulations. Obtaining these documents is often difficult or impossible when working with a typical local scrapyard or recycler. Generating these documents is not part of their normal process.  However, Battery Recyclers of America creates end of life documentation for each and every battery disposal as part of its standard operating process.  The generating client or contractor will receive a document after the recycling is complete that details out the address where the materials where picked up, the total final weight of material that was processed and finally an EPA identifying number for the scrap material’s end of life. This type of documentation is helpful for a client to minimize their risk of audit or exposure to any environmental liabilities that may be caused by harmful recycling processes.

Absolyte & Ni-Cad Recycling

In many legacy power systems there are certain chemistries of battery that exist that are not often found in current power scenarios. Those chemistries specifically are the Absolyte battery type as well as the Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cad) battery type. Each of these chemistries must be handled in a very specific way during their transport as well as during their recycling.  In both battery chemistries, the element Cadmium exists in the battery which makes for difficult and challenging recycling.  Battery Recyclers of America handles both types of these batteries on a regular basis and is familiar with the appropriate process for recycling these. These types of batteries are not recycled in the same way as a traditional lead acid battery. They have their own process that is unique due to the cadmium in their makeup.

Battery Recyclers of America is an industry leading recycler with years of experience recycling all chemistries of batteries in the United States.  By working with experienced partners in good standing with the EPA and expert transport and logistics solutions, Battery Recyclers of America is able to recycle any chemistry and pick up in any location in the United States.

With logistical solutions in place for battery pickup and disposal across the U.S., we make recycling projects quick, efficient and simple.

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