Business Benefits of Battery Recycling

Countless businesses use batteries every single day to ensure the smooth operation of equipment, machinery, and tools. These batteries range in size from small SLI batteries to massive industrial battery arrays. Regardless of the type of battery, over time, the battery will begin to lose its ability to hold power. Eventually, the battery will die, leaving the business to determine the best method for disposing of the battery.

For companies that utilize numerous batteries, the continual disposal of batteries can become challenging. Simply throwing away the batteries is often not a choice due to local and federal regulations. Beyond that, most businesses recognize the dangers associated with throwing caustic batteries into local landfills.

This is why many companies are now turning to recycling as a better option for battery disposal. If you are interested in changing the way in which your company handles the removal of batteries, check out the top three business benefits of battery recycling.

Benefit #1: Contributing to Sustainability Goals

One of the top benefits of recycling a battery is that it helps contribute to a more sustainable future. When batteries are thrown into landfills, their outer casing begins to break down. The plastics from the shell can be damaging to the environment, but what lies inside of the battery is often even more caustic. Heavy metals and corrosive materials spill out of the battery, melting into the ground. This can damage the soil long-term, and can even seep into local watersheds.

Recycling batteries, however, use an EPA-approved process to ensure that the disposal of the battery waste is compliant with all state and federal laws and regulations. Rather than dumping corrosive materials into a landfill, recycling melts down and cleans these materials for future use.

For businesses, this is beneficial for two major reasons:

  1. You are protected against the fees and penalties that your business can infer from the improper disposal of batteries. This can save you a massive amount of money every year, as well as ensure that your operations are never interrupted by government agencies.
  2. You can contribute to your company’s sustainability goals by recycling batteries from your facility. As your organization continues to set goals around sustainability initiatives, battery recycling can become an integral line item in showcasing how your company is decreasing its negative impact on the environment. This is particularly important when dealing with investors who require specific sustainability measures to be in place in order to secure funding. It can also be beneficial in improving your company’s image in the public eye. As consumers continue to express their concerns around business sustainability initiatives, you can showcase how your company is using battery recycling to contribute to a better tomorrow.

Benefit #2: Convenient Battery Removal

Not only is battery recycling better for the planet, but it is also far more convenient than dealing with battery disposal on your own. The logistics of shipping batteries are complex. Often, they require specialized handling and labeling due to the corrosive nature of battery materials.

When you opt for recycling, you will enjoy convenient, fast pickup. For example, with Battery Recyclers of America, our team can often provide pickup services as soon as the next day. We handle all of the heavy lifting and logistics of transporting your batteries to a recycling facility.

This means that your team is free to continue focusing on what matters the most — keeping your business running smoothly.

For many organizations, we build a custom pickup schedule on an ongoing basis. We can work with you based on the maintenance plans you have in place for equipment, ensuring that batteries are quickly removed in a timely manner.

Benefit #3: Earn Money Back

When you recycle batteries, you can often earn a substantial amount of money back. The materials found inside batteries are extremely valuable. Many battery types, including lead-acid and lithium-ion, can be processed and recycled back into usable materials.

When you recycle your batteries, the total load you submit will be weighed. From this weight, you will be offered a payment per pound of material. This allows you to turn your battery waste into a money stream that can be used to offset the purchase of new batteries. Simultaneously, you’ll save money by not dealing with the logistics of battery removal on your own dime.

Due to the high value of heavy metals, battery materials can fetch a high dollar value. For manufacturers on the other end of the recycling process, purchasing recycled materials offers numerous benefits as well. They can lower the cost of materials and can contribute to their own sustainability goals by implementing recycled materials into their production cycle. The higher the demand for sustainable materials, the more money there is to be made by companies that opt to recycle their batteries.

Reach Out to Schedule Battery Recycling

If you are interested in reaping the benefits of battery recycling for your business, please reach out to our team. You can either fill out our online form for a free custom quote, or you can call to speak with one of our experts at 866-290-3849 over the phone. Either way, we will work to create a custom recycling plan based on your business needs.

To ensure that we can help you in the best way possible, we will first gather some information from you about your business operations. We’ll want to know a little more about the type of batteries you need to be recycled, as well as the quantity. Based on that information, we can help schedule appropriate recycling services. Throughout every step of the process, we will provide you with up-to-date information on the status of your pickup and the eventual drop-off of your batteries at a recycling facility. We work to ensure that you are paid for your batteries in a timely manner and offer competitive rates. Once the final battery weight of your load is confirmed, we will quickly and efficiently issue your payment and recycling certificate. This makes disposing of batteries simple, and you can enjoy the benefits of recycling immediately.

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