Absolyte Battery Recycling

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Absolyte Battery recycling

How To Identify Absolyte Batteries

Absolyte batteries are commonly used in industrial applications, such as network power, telecommunication systems, and as an uninterruptible power supply. They are comprised of lead plates, electrolytes, and some form of steel casing or steel rack.

These rechargeable batteries are typically large units, and are usually set up in multiple rows. Because of safety concerns such as presence of cadmium in the battery plates, absolyte batteries must be recycled differently than a typical battery. If you aren’t working with a proven battery recycling company, then you could risk harming both humans and the environment around you.

Advantages of Absolyte Batteries

In order for batteries to produce a charge, the chemicals in the battery must break apart to allow electrons to flow from one end of the battery to the other. For single-use batteries, this process can only happen once before the charge is dead.

Absolyte batteries provide the advantage of being rechargeable. To do this, the electrons have to flow back to their original state in the battery. This will restore the charge of the battery, allowing it to continue to produce power.

Over time, this charge will begin to deteriorate due to a number of factors, including age. The power of the battery will eventually die if used too much. When the time comes that your rechargeable batteries can no longer get the job done, contact Battery Recyclers of America so that the materials in the battery can be used again, instead of becoming battery waste pollution.

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The Expert Battery Recycling Company

With EPA-approved facilities and 10+ years of experience, Battery Recyclers of America is able to provide custom solutions in all 50 states for any of your battery recycling needs. If you’re confused or overwhelmed about where to begin when it comes to recycling your spent batteries, you can turn to our team of experts who have gotten the job done time and time again.

On top of our certified processes, we also offer next day pickup services for your spent battery needs. Just get in touch with our team today, and we’ll do the heavy lifting to transport your absolyte batteries to be recycled for reuse. We also make sure to provide all the details you need to help manage both risk and liability when it comes to battery recycling.

With millions of pounds of batteries recycled and industry-leading solutions designed to fit your unique needs, you can be sure your battery recycling experience will be handled safely and efficiently.

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Laws and Regulations Surrounding Absolyte Battery Recycling

The “Battery Act” (The Mercury Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act of 1996) has resulted in great strides in the safety of recycling battery waste. It is a federal law that covers the process of recycling batteries such as absolyte batteries.

If you have battery waste that needs disposal, you might want to educate yourself on both the federal law and your state’s laws when it comes to recycling batteries. Go to Call2Recycle.org for more information on your state’s battery recycling laws or give us a call at 800-508-6670 and we’ll walk you through it.

When you choose to work with a team of trusted professionals, you can be sure that you’re abiding by the law in regards to battery recycling. Battery Recyclers of America utilizes certified processes and premium solutions that abide by all of the laws mentioned above, and can make the process as easy on you as possible.

Universal Waste Rules

In order to create safe recycling and disposal processes of batteries, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) created the Universal Waste Regulation. This has set in place proven recycling techniques and ensured the safety of all those involved. When you choose to work with Battery Recyclers of America, we guarantee you’ll not only be a part of a positive contribution to a healthier environment, you’ll also have the best recycling experience available.

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Get Your Absolyte Batteries Recycled

If you’re ready to recycle your spent absolyte batteries, then contact Battery Recyclers of America today! We offer next day pickup services so you can get them removed from your facility quickly, and we can provide expert guidance on any questions or concerns you may have regarding the process. We look forward to helping you contribute to a healthier environment.

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