UPS Battery Recycling

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UPS Battery Recycling

UPS Batteries: What Are They?

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery is used as an emergency backup power supply when the main power fails. These power sources are used to protect hardwares such as computers, data centers and other electrical equipment. UPS batteries play an important role in these situations, since power loss of of the electrical equipment they are used for can cause serious injury, or even fatality.

The size of these battery backups vary from a single unit used to protect a computer, to large units built to power an entire data center. They are comprised of lead plates, electrolyte and plastic casing.

How UPS Batteries Work

UPS batteries fall into three types of categories: online, offline, and line-interactive.

Online uninterruptible power supplies are always connected to an inverter, eliminating power transfer switches. If the power fails, the battery takes over and keeps power steady for as long as it can. These batteries are important to provide a firewall between utility power and electronic equipment.

Offline UPS batteries provide surge protection and emergency battery backup. However, these batteries don’t offer any extra benefits outside of these two features. Offline UPS batteries are designed to power equipment without any dips to the device.
Line-interactive UPS batteries offer similar features to the offline batteries, but also include the ability to increase or decrease the amount of powered coils of wire. This causes an effect to the magnetic field, and changes the output of the transformer being used.

When these batteries can no longer provide any benefit, it is important to recycle them. The materials used can be extremely valuable, so make sure to call on professional battery waste services that you can trust. Battery Recyclers of America can come and pick up your UPS batteries, ensuring that the materials can be of further use.

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Professional UPS Battery Recycling Services

Battery Recyclers of America offers certified processes and effective solutions for your battery waste needs. Our EPA-approved facilities service all 50 states, and are held to the highest standards.

We know that time is a major factor in choosing the right professional battery recycling company. That’s why we offer next day pickup, so that you can quickly remove spent batteries from your facility, and let our team of experts handle the rest.

If you have UPS batteries that need to be recycled, be sure to contact the Battery Recyclers of America today. With our experience and industry-leading solutions, you can be assured that you’re following all of the laws and regulations around battery recycling when you work with us.

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UPS Battery Recycling: Laws and Regulations You Should Know

In 1996, the “Battery Act” was set out to enhance the safety and processes that were being used to recycle battery waste. By recycling your spent UPS batteries, you’re abiding by this law and contributing to further use of the materials.

Are you in need of professional battery recycling services? If so, a good first step would be to see what your state laws are in regards to battery recycling. Each state has its own laws, so be sure to check out, which has a breakdown of battery recycling laws by state

Battery Recyclers of America provides battery recycling solutions for your UPS batteries. We ensure that all of our processes are certified, and abide with the laws covered above. Contact us today for next day pickup and join the contribution of recycling batteries so that the materials can be put to good use, instead of waste.

Universal Waste Rules

The Universal Waste Regulation set out by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), was put in place to create safe recycling and disposal processes of batteries. Working with a proven battery recycling company is paramount to ensuring that you’re following these rules. Battery Recyclers of America guarantees that you will be using the best recycling programs to date, and utilizing EPA-approved facilities.

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UPS Battery Recycling Experts

Do you have spent UPS batteries that need to be removed? If so, get in touch with Battery Recyclers of America today for more information on how we can provide expert guidance and solutions to help you with your battery waste. We look forward to helping you with all of your UPS battery recycling needs!

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