Vape Pen Battery Recycling

Recycling Process

Recycling vape pens or carts requires special care and processing to ensure safety and compliance. There are multiple parts involved including batteries, liquid or juice, plastic and an atomizer. There are many materials that can be recovered during recycling.

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Recycling Made Easy

Have vape pens or cartridges that need to be recycled?

Keep reading to find out how Battery Recyclers of America can help you properly package, transport and recycle your vape pens with batteries inside.

How to Package Vape Pen Batteries for Recycling Pick-Up

Depending on the format and condition of the pens, there are specific guidelines to follow in
order to properly package these for recycling.

But don’t worry — for vape pens and batteries in general, we at Battery Recyclers of America
are expert in guiding our clients to the safest and most up to date packaging requirements that
meet federal DOT safety regulations.

In an ideal scenario, the vape pens are disassembled into requisite parts. The batteries are
separated from the oil or juice and from the remaining unit.

If you only have full units, those can be dealt with as well for recycling in the most
environmentally friendly manner.

If you’re unsure how to proceed or if your batteries are damaged, feel free to contact us, and
one of our associates will help you every step of the way.

Types of Vape Pens and Their Recyclability

  1. Disposable Vape Pens:
    Description: These are single-use devices pre-filled with liquid. Once the battery or liquid runs
    out, they’re meant to be discarded.
    Recyclability: Not entirely recyclable due to the combination of materials used. However, parts
    like the battery can be recycled at volume with Battery Recyclers.

  2.  Refillable Vape Pens:
    Description: These devices allow users to refill the tank with liquid once it’s empty. They have a
    longer lifespan than disposables.
    Recyclability: Mostly recyclable. While the battery and some metal or glass parts can be
    recycled, certain plastic components might not be.

  3. Vape Mods:
    Description: These are larger devices with advanced features, allowing for a customized vaping
    experience. They often come with replaceable batteries and tanks.
    Recyclability: Highly recyclable due to the modular nature. Individual components like batteries,
    metal parts, and glass tanks can be recycled separately.

  4. Pod Systems:
    Description: Compact devices that use replaceable pods filled with liquid. Popular brands
    include JUUL and Suorin.
    Recyclability: Partially recyclable. While the device’s main body and battery can be recycled, the
    pods, especially those with mixed materials, might be challenging to recycle.
    When recycling any vape pen, always refer to the guidance of the experts at Battery Recyclers
    of America. Remember, proper disposal not only helps the environment but also ensures
    safety, as improperly discarded vape pens can pose hazards.

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