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Telecom battery recycling

What Are Telecom Batteries?

Commonly used for telecom equipment, backup power equipment, uninterruptible power supplies, and mission critical power applications, telecom batteries are comprised of lead plates, electrolytes and plastic casing.

With a long lifecycle and high charge and discharge rates, these batteries are excellent choices for industrial and power storage applications, and play a big role in powering the demand that cell phone usage and data usage presents.

These are large units do contain toxic materials, so they require a specialized process when being recycled.

How Telecom Batteries Are Typically Used

Telecom batteries are useful for situations where backup power is needed in order to protect dangerous consequences for occurring. Whenever the main power supply goes off, these batteries are effective at providing enough power for a sustainable period of time until the main source of power returns.

However, telecom batteries that are used for telecom equipment differ from the ones above in that they are able to feed power to the device for long periods of time. They have become a popular choice due to their ability to provide this sustained charge over extensive periods of time, while also having a long life cycle.

But eventually, these batteries will not be able to produce a strong enough charge, and begin to lose their purpose.

When the time comes that they cannot get the job done anymore, contact Battery Recyclers of America. We can help you make sure the materials in the battery can be used to build more batteries, and provide expert guidance on the battery recycling process along the way.

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Proven Telecom Battery Recycling Solutions

Battery Recyclers of America is a full-service battery recycling company that offers industry-leading solutions for any type of needs you may have when it comes to recycling your spent batteries. Our premium battery recycling and transportation solutions are offered across all 50 states.

We also offer next day pickup services for our clients, so that you can quickly get rid of your spent batteries. Simply contact us with all the information we need to know regarding your battery waste, and we will come and do all the heavy lifting for you. This helps you to make sure the recycling process is as safe and efficient as possible.

If you’re in need of professional telecom battery recycling solutions, don’t wait to reach out to Battery Recyclers of America today. With our certified processes and EPA-approved facilities, you can be sure that you’re working with a trusted battery recycling company that knows how to solve your unique needs.

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Telecom Battery Recycling: Laws and Regulations

In 1996, the “Battery Act” (The Mercury Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act of 1996) was signed into law.

The purpose of this Act was to reduce mercury disposal and toxic metal content, which telecom batteries do contain. This has resulted in great progress towards a healthier environment and safer recycling and disposal of battery waste.

If you need to have your battery waste removed, a good first step would be to educate yourself on your state’s laws for recycling spent batteries. Go to for a breakdown of battery recycling laws by state.

When the time comes that you need to recycle your batteries, be sure to reach out to Battery Recyclers of America. We provide expert battery recycling solutions that are customized to fit your unique needs.

With our certified processes and proven solutions, you can be sure that you will be abiding by all the laws and regulations in your area.

Universal Waste Rules

In order to reduce the amount of dangerous waste chemicals that were harming the environment, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) created the Universal Waste Regulation.

This rule encourages safe recycling and disposal of potentially harmful battery waste. Battery Recyclers of America can help you to be a part of this positive contribution by utilizing the best recycling programs available today.

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Let’s Recycle Your Telecom Batteries

If you’re ready to recycle your telecom batteries, don’t hesitate to contact Battery Recyclers of America! With our next day pickup services and professional recycling solutions, you can be sure that we can do the heavy lifting and make the process as easy as possible. Start your positive contribution towards a healthier environment by recycling your spent batteries today.

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