Industrial Battery Recycling

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Industrial battery recycling

Characteristics of Industrial Batteries

Industrial batteries power applications like railroads, forklifts, stationary power, and backup power. They are built with lead plates, electrolytes and steel casing.

These batteries are typically large units, and can be set up in multiple rows. Toxic materials are often found in these batteries, so the process of recycling is different from standard batteries.

If you need to recycle spent industrial batteries, then you need to be sure you’re working with a proven battery recycling company so that you don’t risk harming others and the environment around you.

The Importance of Recycling Your Industrial Batteries

Industrial batteries have a variety of safety issues, depending on what form of battery you’re using. Some of these safety concerns include containing large amounts of acid electrolyte, toxic heavy metals, and cadmium.

If any of these batteries happen to spill, severe corrosive damage will occur to any objects nearby, and will cause harm to any humans that it comes into contact with. Cadmium is also a known carcinogen, which can cause cancer in living tissue. Due to these risks, recycling these spent batteries requires specialized battery recycling processes.

When your industrial batteries are no longer useful, contact Battery Recyclers of America for more information about how we can help make the recycling process as safe and efficient as possible. We will also provide documentation to help manage the risk and liability associated with battery recycling.

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Experts in Battery Recycling

Battery Recyclers of America is a full-service battery recycling company that provides customized solutions for all of our clients. With EPA-approved facilities and certified recycling processes, you can count on our expertise to safely recycle your battery waste.

On top of our industry-leading solutions, we also offer next day pickup services. All you have to do is get in touch with our team when you’re ready, and we will provide our recycling and transportation solutions the next day. Let us do the heavy lifting and help you to contribute to a healthier environment by recycling your batteries for reuse.

With 10+ years of experience and millions of pounds of batteries recycled, Battery Recyclers of America has the experience needed to handle any battery recycling needs you have. Call us today at 800-508-6670 for more information on how we can help you recycle your industrial batteries.

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Industrial Battery Recycling Laws and Regulations

The “Battery Act” (The Mercury Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act of 1996) is a federal law that was put in place to improve the safety of recycling battery waste. Industrial batteries require specialized recycling techniques, and recycling them applies to this law.

Before you begin recycling your spent batteries, it is a good idea to be aware of your state’s laws regarding this subject. For more information on what your state’s laws are, go to and look for your state’s battery recycling laws.

Working with a team of trusted professionals with plenty of experience is a great way to ensure you’re in compliance with the laws listed above. Here at Battery Recyclers of America, we can help you understand more about the process

Universal Waste Rules

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) created the Universal Waste Regulation to help improve upon safe recycling and disposal techniques. When you choose to work with us, we offer the best recycling solutions to date, and can help you abide by these rules while making a positive impact on the environment.

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Ready To Recycle Your Industrial Batteries?

Contact Battery Recyclers of America today to get started on the process of recycling your spent batteries. Be sure to take advantage of our next day pickup services so that your battery waste can quickly be removed with the help of our transportation services. We look forward to serving you!

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