Forklift Battery Recycling

Recycling Process

Forklift battery recycling can be confusing. That’s why we’re here to make forklift battery recycling (and all kinds of battery recycling) easy and painless for you.

Battery Usage

Battery Lifespan
1-3 Years


How to Package Forklift Batteries for pickup

Depending on whether you have a lead-acid or lithium-ion battery, the laws and regulations will differ.

Forklift Battery Packaging

Batteries must be packaged in a way that they will not short circuit. Batteries must be taped or covered in a non-conductive material so that any active electrical terminals cannot touch.

Lead-Acid Forklift Battery Packaging

We here at Battery Recyclers of America palletize your batteries and offer a step-by-step guide on how to proceed with caution. 

If you do not know which type of battery you have, please call us and an associate will help you determine which you have as soon as they are available.

Next Day Pickup is Our Standard

Schedule Next Day Pickup Forklift Battery Recycling

At Battery Recyclers of America, our battery pickup and recycling services cover all the 50 states in the United States.

Don’t stress yourself about recycling your batteries. We can reach you anywhere you are and always comply with all laws and regulations.

Our world-class facilities are used in compliance with the EPA rules and regulations for battery recycling

We can handle all your battery recycling needs no matter how many batteries you have. We can take them off your hands as soon as tomorrow.

Forklift Battery Recycling Laws and Regulations

There is a federal law referred to as The “Battery Act” that was designed to diminish the negative effects of battery disposal and ensure the safety of the people recycling them. Officially titled “The Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act of 1996”, this law resulted in specialized recycling techniques that our company has the qualifications and experience to comply with.

It’s crucial that before you begin your battery recycling process you are 100% sure of your local laws and regulations regarding the subject. For more information on your state’s laws, go to the official Battery Council website, and make sure that you do everything on your end safely and legally. 

You can rest easy knowing that you’ll be working with a team of trusted, experienced professionals to help you stay safe and abide by The Battery Act. Here at Battery Recyclers of America, we teach you everything you need to know, and are willing and able to answer whatever questions you have.

Universal Waste Rules

Every kind of battery is different, but one thing they have in common is the wide array of safety issues. The most common of these being large amounts of acid electrolyte, toxic heavy metals, and cadmium, a carcinogen known to cause cancer in living tissue. If you try to recycle batteries improperly, these things could cause you severe bodily harm.

Spilling, for example, results in extreme corrosive damage to every object around it. If a human comes in contact with the spilled battery, or even anything that the spill affected, they can suffer severe injury and should seek medical help immediately. Not to worry, though — Battery Recyclers of America is here to help, with eco-friendly recycling programs approved regarding all necessary regulations. We can even provide a certificate after the process has been completed to serve as proof that your forklift batteries are being recycled in the best possible way allowed by the EPA regulations in your area.

About Battery Recyclers of America

Not only do most of our clients recycle with us for free, but we offer the majority of them cash in exchange, depending on the type of battery they recycle with us. As of right now, Battery Recyclers of America has helped 1,705 individuals and businesses in 1,381 cities recycle over 46 million pounds of batteries, and we have no intention of stopping there! If you’re still unsure about our offer, please click here for more details. We assure you that our services won’t disappoint.

So hurry up and take advantage of our next-day pickup and get your useless forklift battery out of your way in no time, so that you can get back to work and spend your time productively.

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How Long Do Forklift Batteries Last?

Forklift Batteries last between one to three years. After a while, the zinc in the casing of the battery gets completely removed by the acidic electrolyte in the battery and the battery becomes unusable.

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