Flooded Ni-Cad Battery
Packaging Guide

Required Supplies

Sturdy Pallet
Thin Cardboard
Poly Banding
Standard Cardboard

Optional Supplies

1″ x 2″ Wood Strips
2″ x 4″ Boards

Step 1

Select a sturdy pallet.
No shipping batteries in boxes, please.

Step 2

Place a layer of standard cardboard on the pallet to help prevent batteries from sliding off of the pallet. Place flooded cells upright on pallet with vent caps in place. If caps are missing, tape to cover.

 Nail 1″ x 2″ wood strips to pallet around the base of the batteries for bracing.

Step 3

Horizontally band batteries together at top, middle, and bottom and vertically band across the top with banding as shown in figure.

Optional: Place two 2″ x 4″ boards, centered, across the top of the flooded battery cells for banding to go across.

Step 4

Place thin cardboard across top of batteries.

Step 5

Securely wrap pallet with a minimum of 3 layers of stretch wrap from top to bottom making sure to catch the wood corner of the pallet with stretch wrap to help secure the batteries from movement.

Step 6

If directed by the logistics team, securely attach Class 8 – Corrosive Battery Labels onto all visible sides of pallet and securely attach a shipping label to each pallet if provided. (Labels will be provided by Battery Recyclers of America via email).

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