DDR Battery Recycling

Recycling Process

DDR (damaged, defective, recalled) Batteries require special care and processing to ensure safety and compliance. The batteries can be recycled in a multistep metallurgical process, but often require cleaning and sorting prior to processing. There are many metals, plastics, and secondary materials that can be recovered during recycling.

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Recycling Made Easy

Have Damaged, Defective or Recalled batteries that need to be recycled?

Keep reading to find out how Battery Recyclers of America can help you properly package, transport and recycle your DDR batteries.


Identifying your DDR batteries is one of the most important designations a commercial company can make.

Some criteria to consider when assessing whether a battery is damaged, defective, or recalled include nonvisual conditions, such as:

  • The condition of external and internal short circuit protection, voltage, or isolation measures. Generally speaking, does the battery appear to be in good normal condition as expected for normal wear and tear?
  • How do the safety measures look for the cell or battery?
  • Has there been any damage to any internal safety components, such as the battery management system?

Some visual conditions that may indicate you have a DDR battery on your hands:

  • Acute hazard, such as gas, fire, or noticeable leaking electrolyte.
  • Swelling of the battery case relative to the same battery in its original state
  • Discoloration of the battery casing
  • Melting of the battery casing
  • Cracks, punctures or holes in the battery casing
  • Strange smells or signs of excessive corrosion
  • Loose or damaged wires

How to Package DDR Batteries for Recycling Pick-Up

Depending on the battery type, such as whether they are lead-acid or lithium-ion, there are specific guidelines to follow in order to properly package your DDR batteries.

But don’t worry — for DDR batteries, we at Battery Recyclers of America are expert in guiding our clients to the safest and most up to date packaging requirements that meet federal DOT safety regulations.
Unlike undamaged lithium batteries, all DDR lithium batteries are fully regulated under the HMR, regardless of weight. In other words, all hazard communication, emergency response, training, and packaging requirements apply—including shipping papers, markings, and Class 9 lithium battery label.

DDR lithium batteries are also subject to additional packaging requirements depending on size and format of the battery.

If you’re unsure how to proceed or if your batteries are damaged, feel free to contact us, and one of our associates will help you every step of the way.

Are All DDR (damaged, defective, recalled) Batteries Recyclable?

Not all DDR batteries are recyclable in the traditional sense. While many types of batteries can be recycled to reclaim materials, some might be treated and disposed of as hazardous waste, depending on their composition and local regulations.

The recyclability of a DDR battery often depends on its type, the materials it contains, and the available recycling facilities in a particular region.

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