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Car battery recycling

Car Battery Characteristics

Car batteries are often referred to as automotive batteries or SLI (starting-lighting-ignition) batteries. These are rechargeable batteries that hold the responsibility of starting the vehicle’s engine and stabilizing electrical requirements to prevent dangerous voltage spikes. Many modern SLI batteries are a type of lead-acid battery.

Car batteries are usually comprised of six galvanic cells in a series circuit, with each cell containing lead plates for the anode and lead coated with lead dioxide for the cathode. This rechargeable battery works by reversing the chemical reaction after the battery has discharged. To do this, the lead sulfate reforms into lead dioxide, restoring the plates to their original condition to be ready for reuse.

Proper Car Battery Use

Car batteries are not built to be able to withstand full discharge, so if it does, the battery’s lifespan will be reduced. They also require a good amount of maintenance and a watchful eye, as there are some different scenarios that could damage the car battery.

One of the most common situations that cause damage is battery failure as a result of heat, which causes corrosion damage. This corrosion causes electrical resistance, which can prevent the car from starting. Dielectric grease is effective at preventing this from occurring.

Another long-term problem that requires maintenance is that material from the battery plates will begin to wear down and accumulate at the bottom of the cells. This could cause short-circuiting to the lead plates. If the time comes where your car battery experiences any problems like these and can no longer do the job, contact Battery Recyclers of America to order our next day pickup.

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Expert SLI Battery Recycling Solutions

Battery Recyclers of America has been contributing to a healthier environment for 10+ years with premium battery recycling services for clients all around the country. We make sure our processes are certified in order to abide by the laws and regulations set in place, and use EPA-approved facilities for safe and efficient battery recycling methods.

In our efforts to continue to provide the best battery waste services, we also offer next day pickup services for our clients. If you have automotive batteries that need to be recycled, be sure to contact us today to see how our fast and efficient transportation services can get the job done.

Battery Recyclers of America has the industry-leading solutions and expertise you need to make sure you’re helping to contribute to a healthier environment for us all. We service all 50 states and can solve any battery recycling needs you have.

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Importance of Car Battery Recycling

Recycling SLI batteries is vital to long-term sustainability of a healthy environment, due to the multiple negative effects they can have. Among these negative effects include accumulation of toxic lead in landfills and improper disposal leading to potential harm for those around.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the 12-volt car battery is the most recycled product in the world. This not only helps to prevent the issues mentioned above, but it also reduces the need for new resources when building new batteries. However, improper battery recycling techniques can cause serious problems, including lead contamination.

If you have car batteries that need to be recycled, Battery Recyclers of America offers certified processes and EPA-approved facilities designed to prevent improper recycling and disposal of spent battery waste. When you work with us, you can be sure that you’re abiding to the federal and state laws surrounding battery recycling, and preventing negative effects such as lead contamination from occurring.

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Car Battery Recycling Experts

Do you have spent car batteries that need to be removed? If so, get in touch with Battery Recyclers of America today for more information on how we can provide expert guidance and solutions to help you with your battery waste. We look forward to helping you with all of your car battery recycling needs!

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