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Recycling used batteries in bulk can be daunting. But we’re here to make it easy. 

At Battery Recyclers of America, we can help you discard and recycle your bulk batteries properly (often for free), and possibly even pay you for your old batteries.

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Recycling Made Easy

Here’s what you’ll learn about recycling bulk batteries:

Keep reading to find out how you could even potentially get paid to recycle your old batteries, and have them taken out of your hands (and off your mind) as soon as tomorrow.

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How to Package Bulk Batteries for Recycling Pickup

The type, shape, and sizes of batteries vary but they all contain chemicals that can be dangerous to the environment when you don’t get rid of them properly. 

The common types of batteries that should be recycled include alkaline, lithium, NiCad, Zinc-carbon, lead-acid, etc. If you have any of these types of batteries at your home or facility, you should discard and recycle them properly.

The requirements for packaging each type of battery are not the same, but fear not! Here at Battery Recyclers of America, we offer exceptional battery recycling services, making sure that all safety and quality assurance measures are not ignored. 

For step-by-step instructions on how to package your bulk batteries properly, visit our guide. When you do, you will understand what to do and how to do it safely. If you’re experiencing difficulties with the identification of your batteries, don’t hesitate to contact us. Many of our skilled and versatile associates can assist you.

Next Day Pickup is Our Standard

Schedule Next Day Pickup Bulk Battery Recycling

Presently, there are often many different battery recycling laws and regulations that make the whole process confusing. But don’t worry about what to do with your batteries, all you need to do is to contact us. Battery Recyclers of America is your best bet for recycling your bulk batteries safely because we can reach you anywhere in the country. 

In addition, we have the best facilities in the industry that follow all EPA guidelines and regulations regarding battery recycling. We can pick up all the batteries with you at your convenience. We have been providing the best standard of recycling services in the country for more than ten years. The amount of batteries in your house or facility doesn’t matter, our associates around you can pick up the batteries as soon as tomorrow. 

Contact us today for our professional bulk battery recycling services. Our battery recycling experts in your vicinity can pick up the batteries as soon as tomorrow.

At Battery Recyclers of America, our battery pickup and recycling services cover all the 50 states in the United States.

Don’t stress yourself about recycling your batteries, we can reach you anywhere you are and always comply with all laws and regulations.

Our world-class facilities are used in compliance with the EPA rules and regulations for battery recycling

We can handle all your battery recycling needs. No matter how many batteries you have, we can take them off your hands as soon as tomorrow.

Laws and Regulations for Recycling Bulk Batteries

Since almost all types of batteries contain dangerous substances, it is required to recycle almost all types of batteries. This is backed by the law at the federal and state level.

The Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act of 1996, commonly referred to as “The Battery Act”, was created to protect the environment by ensuring that all types of batteries are recycled for reuse, instead of being disposed carelessly into the environment, where they can cause irreversible damages.

If you want to save the earth from the detrimental effects of batteries, feel free to contact us for our battery recycling services. 

At Battery Recyclers of America, we strive to keep the environment safe from the dangerous chemicals in your batteries and our services are available in all 50 states of the country. Schedule a pickup with us today and get all your batteries out of your hand tomorrow. 

Battery recycling laws vary from state to state. For more information, visit the Battery Council’s website, where they keep a detailed explanation of battery recycling laws by state.

Recycling Bulk Batteries Using Sustainable Practices

In all other states except California, you can dispose of all types of batteries like AA, AAA, C, and D in the waste bin. 

The Universal Waste Regulation was created by the Environmental Protection Agency to solve the issue of releasing toxic chemicals inside batteries to the environment. This regulation guides the management of dangerous wastes like batteries. 

According to this law, it is necessary to discard and recycle all batteries that contain dangerous substances properly. Hence, you should take the recycling of your bulk batteries seriously.

Unlike some recyclers, we don’t outsource our battery recycling services. Other battery recyclers outsource their recycling processes because of some compliance fees and difficulties in complying with the regulations of the EPA. We have all it takes to recycle your batteries successfully, so we don’t outsource. 

The nature-friendly activities of our company are commendable and we take pride in making the world a better place by making it greener. 

Our reputation in the industry is astonishing, we have successfully recycled more than 15 million pounds of battery waste over the last decade. You can discover more about our EPA-approved battery recycling practices by checking our infographic.

In many cases, our clients don’t pay a dime for our battery recycling services. Some even get paid for inviting us to pick up their bulk batteries. Imagine getting a bonus for getting rid of your battery wastes properly. Isn’t that amazing?

After recycling your bulk batteries, you’ll even get a certificate of proof that all the batteries were processed following all EPA guidelines and regulations. To get started, contact us now.

Properly Identifying Your Batteries

Batteries are made with different materials. Most batteries are made with a combination of materials such as zinc, manganese, lithium, sulphuric acid, mercury, nickel, potassium, etc. Because of the differences in their composition, the packaging, transportation, and recycling of batteries differ. 

Therefore, it is important to correctly identify the type of batteries you have. This will help you pack and transport these batteries properly. It will also help us with the transportation and recycling of the batteries.

If you need help with identifying the type of batteries you have, check out our handy list of battery types.

Batteries Accepted for Recycling

At Battery Recyclers of America, we can pick up batteries of any chemical composition, size, or shape for recycling. Examples of the batteries that we accept for battery recycling include the following: 

  • Lead Acid
  • Lithium-Ion 
  • Alkaline
  • Magnesium 
  • Primary Lithium
  • Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Nickel Cadmium
  • Silver
  • Mercuric

The type of batteries we accept at Battery Recyclers of America is not limited to the types of batteries mentioned above. Whenever you need our top-quality recycling services, don’t hesitate to contact us. You could get started as soon as tomorrow!

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