FAQs – Battery Recyclers of America


What chemistries do you recycle?

What chemistries do you recycle?

Lead Acid, Lithium Ion,  UPS Lead Acid, Telecom Lead Acid, Industrial Lead Acid, Absolyte Lead Acid,  Lithium Iron Phosphate, Alkaline, Button Cells, Lithium Primary, Wet & Dry Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Iron, Wet & Dry Nickel Metal Hydride, Nickel Metal Hydride, Silver Oxide

What industries do you serve?

What industries do you serve?

Biotech, Construction, DC Power, Engineering, Financial, Government,    Industrial, Medical, Municipalities, Retail, Schools,  Stationary Power, Telecommunications, Transportation

Do you provide recycling certificates?

Do you provide recycling certificates?

We make sure that your batteries are disposed, recycled, and smelted legally and safely. We will provide an official recycling certificate every time you recycle your batteries with us.

What should I do if I only have a few batteries to recycle?

Check with your local electronics, hardware, and battery supply stores. Many of these places should be able to accept your used batteries free of charge.  If you still have trouble finding a solution, please contact us and we will be happy to help you find some additional resources.

How much will it cost?

As often as we can we try and provide cash back to our clients for their recyclable batteries.  In some cases we may need to charge if the volume is too low.  If you’re not sure, fill this out for a quick quote.

How do I package/palletize my batteries for transport?

Contact us here for a free guide on how to properly package and palletize your batteries.  Please be sure to let us know the type(s) of batteries you need to recycle.

Do you have a location where I can ship or drop-off my used batteries?

Our company’s model is to coordinate the pick-up of your batteries to optimize the recycling process.  Our pick-up service is usually free of charge and available in all 50 states.  If a pick-up is not ideal, please contact us to see if a drop-off appointment can be scheduled.

Do you provide white glove services or packaging services?

We go to great lengths to help our customers recycle their batteries.  If that means picking them up inside a building or helping the client palletize the batteries prior to transport, we can do this.  Contact us here for a quick quote.

What happens to the batteries?

Each battery chemistry is recycled slightly differently.  Each process is appropriate to the chemistry and the materials that make up the battery cell.  In most situations the battery casing is broken up first either by a mechanical hammer or shredder.  At this point the various resulting components are sorted through a chemical or mechanical process.  Once the materials are properly sorted, they can be processed, melted, smelted or refined into a raw form.

Am I legally required to recycle batteries?

According to federal law certain chemistries must be recycled.  Some of these chemistries include lead acid batteries, lithium ion batteries in high volumes and nickel cadmium batteries.  Alkaline batteries can safely be disposed of in the household waste stream.   Some state laws have battery recycling regulations over and above federal regulations.  Failure to comply with federal law or your state laws can result in hefty fines.

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